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Underworld picspam

I decided to post my picspams here too.

So copied an old post here.

We had the movie "Underworld" on TV this Mon, and as my country had contributed in this film, I decided to give you a peak behind the scenes.

This was the 2nd time I watched this movie and now I couldn't help but grinning wide everytime I saw some tidbits proving the Hungarian influence. :P

Plus I had extra interest in this film as Sophia Myles was a cast-member too - Sophia is the reporter in my new obsession Moonlight. And while she is human in the show, she played a vampire in Underworld. LOL The match of Mick! :D

** Picspam follows **

Sophia Myles as Erika

She was so beautiful here.

With a main vampire character Kraven:

Vamp-Beth :P

And with Selene (Kate Beckinsdale):

The Hungarian-evidence

And as we all know since CSI, the evidence never lies. :P

My Hungarian friends, enjoy the familiar pics! :))

The streets

Selene in the downpour. According to the surrounds, it must be near the Square of Ferenciek. The oldies shop on the left, the building and the fences on the other side of the road, which looks like Rákóczi-krt. toward the Elizabeth Bridge - these all makes me think of that location.

According to the IMDB:
"The name of the city where the film took place is never mentioned. However Michael's address that we can see on Selene's computer is an apparently misspelled Hungarian address (it should be "Lakatos József u. 39." while it is spelled as "Laktos Joszef 39 ut." instead). "
- Yep, it IS mispelled.
Also, Budapest has only 4 digits zip code instead of the 5 ones in this file. As filming took place in the downtown, I guess it must have been in the 4th, 5th, 6th or 8th district, so the zip code must start with 10 and be like 1060 or so.
 (btw the name Corvin is also Hungarian and not fictious. It relates to the 15-16th century - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthias_Corvinus_of_Hungary.
Matthias Corvinus (Matthias the Just) was King of Hungary, ruling between 1458-1490. The name Corvin comes from the family's  coat of arms which depicts a raven—corvus in Latin.)

"You can also read "Eötvös utca", a street in the historical downtown of Budapest, many times while driving by to the secret interrogation place and there is an ad in the subway station where the shooting takes place in the beginning of the movie referring to Szentendre which is a small town (my note: and where I live) near Budapest (obviously left there as non-Hungarian viewers don't understand the text anyway)."

Another suggestion that it must have been filmed at the Square of Ferenciek:
the stairs to the subway. As I had been there a lot during my uni-years, I can easily recognize the place. The orange rubbish bin, the sign for the toilet are typical besides the layout of this entrance.

The subway

The blue carriages with green interior are so typical. Also the logo of the Public Transport Co. of Budapest (BKV) is on the side of the car.

The map of Budapest on the right. LOL

The Western Railway Station

Having worked at the Railway Co. and also coming from a family with railway-background, I know the stations well.
You can see the blue trains on the left - these are the types we still have running (with some of these newer types too). The locomotive must have been borrowed from the Railways History Park.

The yellow timetable :) Departures and Arrivals listed in there. Typical Hungarian. :))

And a living evidence of the Hungarian contribution: actress Zita Görög. She lives in Hungary, so she must have "lent" her acting skills for this movie. She played the vampire Amelia...

.... ending up dead, but having an important role in the story.

Oh and don't forget about the Hungarian police! Their car with the Hungarian number-plate.

10 Hungarian actors played in the movie and just for your interest here's the list of the Hungarian people in the cast crew.

Katalin Jakots .... makeup artist
Gabi Nemeth .... hair stylist
Balázs Novák .... makeup artist
Iván Pohárnok .... prosthetic makeup artist
György Sánta .... production manager: Hungary
Kornél Sipos .... unit production manager: Hungary
Gergely Fülöp .... assistant director
Gábor Gajdos .... first assistant director: second unit
Zsuzsa Gurban .... first assistant director: Hungary
Bogi Móricz .... third assistant director
Dénes Sajgál .... first assistant director: second unit
Tamás Vass .... second second assistant director
Adrienn Asztalos .... set designer
Gergö Balika .... art department coordinator
János Czakó .... property master
Gyula Herjeczki .... construction coordinator
Zoltán Horváth .... set dresser
Attila Kiss .... property assistant
Attila Kiss .... property master: second unit
József Kiss .... construction manager
László Nagyidai Jr. .... constructor
Zoltán Sárdi .... set designer
Lajos E. Szabó .... standy by painter
Krisztina Szilágyi .... set designer
László Szirmai .... set designer
Zita Ternovszky .... art department interpreter
Csaba Vásári .... carpenter
György Mihályi .... utility sound
Pál Szûrös .... boom operator
Norbert Zich .... stereo sound consultant: Dolby
György Albitz .... mechanical technician
Kinga Baranyai .... special effects coordinator
Ferenc Deák .... special effects
Attila Erczkovi .... pyrotechnician
Gergely Laszlo .... base camp technician
Gábor Mészáros .... pyrotechnician
Balazs Szuntheimer .... mechanical technician
Attila Varsányi .... chief pyrotechnician
Balázs Harmati .... motion control assistant
László Imre .... stunts
Roland Kollárszky .... stunts
Levente Lezsák .... stunts
Béla Unger .... stunt coordinator: Hungary
László Bille .... camera operator: "b" camera
László Bille .... director of photography: second unit
Attila Csabai .... central loader
Egon Endrényi .... still photographer
Gábor Forgács .... camera operator
István Gottmann .... assistant camera
Ákos Gulyás .... second assistant camera
Zoltán Halmágyi .... electrician
György Horváth .... assistant camera
Róbert Jász .... grip
Gábor Kasza .... video operator
Marci Ragályi .... focus puller
Atilla Szucs Sr. .... key grip: Hungary
Péter Soós .... casting: Hungary
Zsoka Hoka .... dresser: Ms. Beckinsale (as Zsóka Hóka)
György Homonnay .... wardrobe master
Noemi Mehrli .... assistant editor
Ferenc Béres .... transportation captain
Zoltán Fohn .... driver
Halmágyi Bálint .... interpreter
Attila Bánhalmi .... production assistant
János Cserven .... assistant location manager
Andrea Janossy .... caterer (as Andrea Jánossy)
Géza Jánossy .... caterer
Ágota Kovács .... production coordinator
Kinga Kovacs .... assistant accountant
Szabó Sándor .... assistant location manager
Katalin Schulteisz .... assistant to producer
Esther Szasz .... interpreter
Beatrix Szombati .... assistant production coordinator
Kolos Trimmel .... assistant accountant
Virág Varga .... assistant to director
Gabriella Winkler .... script supervisor: second unit

caps - http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y167/celluloid_jam/Screen_Captures/Underworld/
info and cast crew list - IMDB

This post made me feel like rewatching the movie. :)

oh and I just found the cool site of the movie:


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Zhe Li
Aug. 11th, 2012 12:19 pm (UTC)
This is exactly what I was looking for:) thanks for sharing!
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