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Underworld picspam

I decided to post my picspams here too.

So copied an old post here.

We had the movie "Underworld" on TV this Mon, and as my country had contributed in this film, I decided to give you a peak behind the scenes.

This was the 2nd time I watched this movie and now I couldn't help but grinning wide everytime I saw some tidbits proving the Hungarian influence. :P

Plus I had extra interest in this film as Sophia Myles was a cast-member too - Sophia is the reporter in my new obsession Moonlight. And while she is human in the show, she played a vampire in Underworld. LOL The match of Mick! :D

This post made me feel like rewatching the movie. :)

oh and I just found the cool site of the movie:

Animated icons - Torchwood related

17 animated icons (Torchwood related)
[10] John Barrowman
[1] Eve Myles
[6] Jack/Gwen ** spoilers for S2ep 9!!! ***


[image] [image] [image]

Torchwood icons - Jack/Gwen, John/Eve

[55] Gwen/Jack, Gwen, Jack, Eve/John icons
[50] still
[5] animated


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Hey folks,

I decided to create a journal for my art stuff, so I'll post my arties here too. If you are not interested in my real life, but would like to see my icons, friend this journal.

See ya later